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Advantages of Turbo Blower and Turbo Compressors

Oil Free Air
There will be no pollution caused by oil injected air.
There will be no oil filter and air/oil sperator requirement, therefore maintenance cost will be very low.
Higher quality production thanks to oil free air

High Reliability
There is friction in the system, therefore, there will be no wear fort he components.
The only friction is on air-foil bearings and these bearings are designed according to 30.000 times start/stop. This is why we identify them as semi- permanent life time.
Impeller is directly connected the shaft there is no aditional loss on drive.
No wear on components.
The required high revolution is achieved thanks to high speed permanent magnet motor.

Low Cost Running
Only consumes 5% energy while it runs on unload phase.
Standard model includes frequency drive which enables us to run with variable flow rates.
70% of adiabatic efficiency and 67% of total efficiency can be achieved.

Easy to Run

Low Noise level 80dBa with standard cabinet

Easy Maintenance
There is no regularly replaced components.
There is no any oil filter to be replaced
Only air filter needs to be replaced periodicaly.

Easy Assembly
All units are delivered with standard cabinet. Therefore it is very easy to assemble the unit.

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